Tactile Track Navigator-Bracelet

Shows the way with the help of vibrations

  • How Tactile Track works

    After connecting the bracelet to your smartphone via Bluetooth, specify a route in the navigation app and click GO. Now you can put away your smartphone and start moving. Before turns, the bracelet vibrates on the side where you should turn. If it vibrates on the right – turn right; if it vibrates at the top – go forward; if it vibrates on the left – turn left.

    By clicking HOME on the bracelet, you’ll set the shortest route to your starting point without even touching your smartphone.

Why others have already made a pre-order


    No need to look at the screen while moving at high speeds, meaning you pay more attention to the road.This reduces the risk of an accident and leads to fewer falls and collisions.

  • Enjoy the ride

    No need to repeatedly take out your smartphone or map to check the route. Just enjoy the ride.


    No messing with how to mount and firmly secure a smartphone to the handle bars.

  • Handy to use

    No screen means no glare from the sun, no getting it wet, and no fear of scratching, cracking or otherwise damaging the screen.

  • Undamaged smartphone

    With TactileTrack, your smartphone stays in one piece in the safety of your pocket.


    No need for runners to make stops or disrupt their rhythm to check the route.

* Navigator-bracelet is sold directly from the manufacturer with a 12 month warranty.

* If there is any defect in the product it can be returned within 14 days from the date it was received.

  • Technical Specifications

    Tactile Track is made especially for people with an active lifestyle who prefer walking, hiking, sightseeing, cycling and motorcycle trips.

    • Supports platforms: : Android 4.3+, IOS 5.0+

    • Dimensions: 23 x 245 x 12 mm

    • Battery life (per single charge) in standby mode: 39 hours

    • Operation in standby mode: 30 days

    • Moisture protection rating: IP67

    • Communication interfaces: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+

    • Weight: 37 g

    • Battery capacity: 125 mAh, Li-ion Polymer type

    • Additional Software

  • Tactile Track Bracelet

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